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People Development
How we work

Our work is characterized by being solution- and resource-oriented, coupled with sound analytical skills. We utilize interdisciplinary synergies and base them on pragmatics. We place particular emphasis on human dignity and respect. We bring with us cultural sensitivity and strong ethical awareness. Our contacts and cooperation with universities and institutes ensure that we maintain our high level of professional competence. In our work we combine what has proved itself in the past with new findings and future trends. What we teach and represent in our consultations, we also provide in the form of continuing education.

Working examples:

1. People development: assessments for the selection and training of key personnel
2. People development: lead a successor out of the shadow of his or her predecessor
3. Organizational development: knowledge transfer from your headquarters into the global network
4. Organizational development: set up a matrix organization
5. Conflict management: release process as a result of restructuring
6. Experts for you: elaboration and management of a major anniversary symposium

Organisational Development
Conflict Management
Experts for you

2. People development: lead a successor out of the shadow of his or her predecessor

Mandate: The new managing director of a public sector institution needs to gain more acceptance by his management team. His visibility among employees has to be increased. His charisma needs to be strengthened.

Challenge: The predecessor of the present manager had an excellent reputation among his colleagues. Under his leadership, the organization has grown substantially, it earned a good reputation. He was considered a charismatic leader. His successor, more of a "behind the scenes" type, initiated changes which turned out to be beneficial and continue to prove themselves. Still, the employees want their former boss back.

Our service : We analyze the reasons for the resistance faced by the new manager. Based on the results of the analysis of his personality, coaching is focused on the social skills of the manager, as well as the development of information and communication routes within the company. Together with the manager, we develop a new communication and information concept and work out how to implement it in the company. On the other hand, we work on appearance, rhetorics and the communication style of the client.

Result: Within three months, the manager receives a first positive feedback from his direct subordinates. New forms and vessels of communication are introduced, which elicit a positive response. The public perception of the manager changes significantly after six months, towards visibility and presence.