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People Development
How we work

Our work is characterized by being solution- and resource-oriented, coupled with sound analytical skills. We utilize interdisciplinary synergies and base them on pragmatics. We place particular emphasis on human dignity and respect. We bring with us cultural sensitivity and strong ethical awareness. Our contacts and cooperation with universities and institutes ensure that we maintain our high level of professional competence. In our work we combine what has proved itself in the past with new findings and future trends. What we teach and represent in our consultations, we also provide in the form of continuing education.

Working example:

1. People development: assessments for the selection and training of key personnel
2. People development: lead a successor out of the shadow of his or her predecessor
3. Organizational development: knowledge transfer from your headquarters into the global network
4. Organizational development: set up a matrix organization
5. Conflict management: release process as a result of restructuring
6. Experts for you: elaboration and management of a major anniversary symposium

Organisational Development
Conflict Management
Experts for you

4. Organisational development: setting up a matrix organization

An international holding company is converting its structure into a matrix organization. The Swiss subsidiary of the company has asked us to assist with the implementation and the resulting problems and resistance on the part of the staff (management and employees).

Challenge: Moving to a matrix organization increases the complexity of everyday working life. Now the managers are not only exposed to the regulatory powers of the Swiss company, but also to those of its parent company. Decision-making and processes have to be realigned. Areas of responsibility are initially unclear. This makes orientation difficult for employees and raises the question: Who is the ultimate authority? At the same time, it triggers fear of change and there is uncertainty about the distribution of power among the various managers. Different styles of management collide. Conflicts arise. Workflows and motivation are compromised. Measures and means must be developed to optimize the implementation of the new structure, to facilitate orientation within it and thus aid acceptance of it.

Our service : In cooperation with the client, we create a holistic approach which helps managers and staff recognize the function and usefulness of the new matrix organization, and learn to deal with it. With measures such as structural adjustment, leadership improvement, education, intercultural competence, conflict management and coaching, the understanding and skills necessary for acting within an optimized matrix structure are attained.

Result: Within the time frame of an intervention lasting several months, we optimize the structures in terms of a fine tuning. The ambiguities concerning the decision-making processes are eliminated. Employees and managers can act more efficiently within the new structure. The potential for conflict is defused. Management culture and role perception undergo a change for the better. The results of job satisfaction surveys exceed the target values.