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People Development
How we work

Our work is characterized by being solution- and resource-oriented, coupled with sound analytical skills. We utilize interdisciplinary synergies and base them on pragmatics. We place particular emphasis on human dignity and respect. We bring with us cultural sensitivity and strong ethical awareness. Our contacts and cooperation with universities and institutes ensure that we maintain our high level of professional competence. In our work we combine what has proved itself in the past with new findings and future trends. What we teach and represent in our consultations, we also provide in the form of continuing education.

Working examples:

1. People development: assessments for the selection and training of key personnel
2. People development: lead a successor out of the shadow of his or her predecessor
3. Organizational development: knowledge transfer from your headquarters into the global network
4. Organizational development: set up a matrix organization
5. Conflict management: release process as a result of restructuring
6. Experts for you: elaboration and management of a major anniversary symposium

Organisational Development
Conflict Management
Experts for you

1. People development: assessments for the selection and training of key personnel

Mandate: A technically oriented Swiss company (subsidiary of an international holding company with a decentralized organizational structure) will optimize the selection and training of its key personnel (the entire management and selected experts). They wish to develop and implement a standardized diagnostic system that detects the capabilities and potential of employees and serves as the basis for employment decisions. Furthermore, it should improve a candidates ability to take on existing roles within the company.

Challenge: The hiring managers and HR managers would welcome a reinforcement of their decision-making by a professional second opinion. However, there is some skepticism about "psychological testing" and the "aloofness of psychologists." Cost also plays an important role.

Our service : In cooperation with the line and the HR managers, we prepare a diagnostic procedure (assessment), where individual candidates are observed by trained observers (assessors) during the course of one day (individual assessment). The observation team consists of an external advisor trained in psychology and diagnosis, and a company representative. Candidates are observed in situations that reflect the reality of the job. We develop a set of exercises for each target group and use professional role players. The exercises are supplemented with a psychological evaluation. Its meaningfulness and construct validity are discussed with the hiring managers, so as to gain full acceptance. The representatives of the company are trained in monitoring and adjudication. The assessment is anchored in the framework of a systematic business process.

Result: We develop and implement the method within three months. The profile assessment of potential key personnel (listing their strengths and development areas) is based on the competency models of the company. The assessment is immediately followed by an evaluation together with the candidate. As a result of the process, we create a short and concise profile (external vantage) that identifies the strengths and areas for development. We also propose development measures and discuss them with the hiring manager and the HR managers. Managers and HR managers identify with the process and regard it as a valid "second opinion". As a consequence, decision quality improves and employee training and role acquisition is optimized.