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People development

We help Managers, HR managers and professionals to focus their resources profitably. We assist companies with the selection of staff. Our range of offers in the field of people development:

1. Individual and group assessments
2. Development programs for management, expert and talent development
3. Individual coaching
4. Career advice
5. Diagnosis and improvement of employability of co-workers
6. Team development

7. Customized training and continuing education
8. Programs to promote intercultural competence
9. Health advice

Organisational Development
Conflict Management
Experts for you

7. Customized training and continuing education
In many situations of business reality, standardized training offers fall short of their targets, or do not state them accurately enough. Here, we offer customized solutions that are tailored in method and content to meet your needs. We work with coaching practitioners and with academics. We focus on organizational issues (eg. cross-cultural issues, dealing with organizational forms such as matrix organization, project organization, organizational culture, issues of human resource management, etc.), management issues (strategic and operational management), business communication, ethics and values in business, change management, conflict management, health in organizations, ecology and sustainability.